Love Autumn!!


Autumn is my favorite season.


When I lived in Japan, I used to go on a picnic in Autumn.
What I like about this season in Japan is the food! There are many seasonable foods, Sanma (Brevoort in English?), pumpkins, sweet potatoes, chestnuts, Kaki and new rice (Japanese rice was harvested in Autumn). I love them!!
The people in Japan say that Autumn is the food season, sports season, reading season. I agree with this kind of idea. We have so many seasonable foods in autumn. Autumn is really comfortable for doing sports and reading.


This year’s autumn is the second time for me to spend in Germany/Switzerland. Last year was the first time. I was so busy to get used to the new life in Germany, so I did not realize how awesome the autumn here.
This year, I had a holiday from end of August to middle of October. I spend time with my boyfriend and my sister. (Finally, she visited me from Japan!!!) I had so many chances to enjoy autumn. And I fall in live with autumn in Germany/Switzerland!!!!



The reason why I like autumn here is I can feel autumn more by seeing and smelling.
When I was walking around with my sister, we realize it is SO AUTUMN. It sounds weird, but we were amazed. We enjoyed walking around and taking nice photos with autumn color.


Of course, there are many places you can see beautiful autumn leaves in Japan, too. I went to Kyoto to enjoy them for example. However here is like in the movie!!! I really love it!


Autumn in Kyoto



I also love of autumn smell here. I cannot explain well though…I mean autumn itself does not smell, but I feel it…(strange or not?)


I also love to go shopping. There are so many cool home decorations and really cozy smell candles which make me feel “it is autumn smell!”.


Temperature is also really comfortable. When it is sunny, you can walk with T-shirts and enjoy the sun on the terrace.


I recommend coming to Germany/Switzerland in autumn. The tickets are also not expensive compared to coming in summer. You pay around only 1000 Euro (100,000JPY).


I love autumn!!!!!!