One Year!!!


Today a year ago, I arrived in Switzerland. I was confused, insecure, not sure what I want and I could not imagine the life one year later.


Many things have changed, LOVE, WORK, FRIENDS and LIFESTYLE.


it is the biggest change. I am with a guy who I have been loved almost 6 years. I had boyfriends after I stopped a relationship with him, but I always had a feeling for him. I think I could not stop loving him. Now I am finally together with him and he loves me. I cannot explain how happy I am. (even he still treats me not good sometimes!)



I searched a job in Germany and it was not going well. Yet I got a job offer after I bought a ticket to Japan. I am working in the taking-away sushi shop. It is not what I want to do, but it is still a job and I can live.
I will start a new thing which I have been dreaming next month.


I don't have many friends. I have good friends. I realize who is my really good friends after I moved here. It doesn't matter how far we are. I start writing letters with one good friend. I like letters because I can see the feeling from the writing and I like the time when I am waiting to get the letter, however, I like the technology we have now such as Facetime or Whatsapp which we can connect each other wherever you want. (So, dear my friends, I am really glad if you send me letters! haha)
I also got friends in Germany. I could not survive this one year without them. We had suffered many things together, I mean we still... They make me strong. They support me. I hope I can do the same to them.


I was not kind of person who does many sports or goes out. Now I jog at least once a week. I go out with my friend once a week. I go for lunch or coffee whenever friends or coworkers ask me. You will never know where you will meet people who inspire you or give you some kind of chance.

I quit my job one year ago and started a totally new life. It was scared. I miss my family and friends in Japan. I cried a lot (I mean I still cry a lot), I just want to go back to family sometimes. It is okay to be missing my family and friends or to be scared and want to run away. It is the normal thing if you start a new thing. The important thing is you accept these feelings and finally to try after crying. I still have a day, I feel like I cannot keep living in another country. When having this kind of day, I tell myself “You are amazing! You can do anything because you are already living in another country for a year, find a flat, get a job and deal with things which are even difficult in Japanese too!”.


There is a word which inspired me. It has been an important word to think about my life since I fond it.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

-George Bernard Shaw

 I thought I had to find myself when I started this new life. Now I feel like I am creating myself.