It's time to start!!


Hallo I'm Rino from Japan.


I’ve been thinking about writing my blog in English. I was like writing and deleting, writing and deleting… I was afraid of writing. What if no one reads, what if I make mistakes… But it was just excuse.Today is the day I finally start to write in English without excuse. It is not a big problem if I make mistakes because English is my second language. I even have mistakes in Japanese which is my mother language (I guess…) and I don’t care if no one reads my blog. This blog is for me to reflect about what I am thinking, my life, my future. Yet I also wish my blog would help someone else somehow.


Let me introduce about myself today.


I was born in Japan in 1991.

I was an ordinary girl. Or not...


I had to use a school bag at elementary school in Japan.

フリー写真 ランドセルを背負う小学生と桜並木

It was normally red for girls and black for boys, but there were other colors too. I did’t want to have the same one like others, so I chose dark green. Nowadays children chose colors, but it was not normal that I had another color at that time. Plus, dark green was not feminine color. But I didn’t care what others said. I liked the colour. I was more proud of myself.

Many boys said to me "why do you have the boy's colour bag?".

I was like "Because I like it!". I didn't care.

So, maybe I was not that ordinary girl.

I also didn’t like to wear skirt or wearing something really cute. I was always asking myself “why girls had to wear skirt and cute stuff. I am a girl but I don’t want to wear them.” I would say I had really strong personality and the feeling that I wanted to be equal to boys for a child.


I liked organizing things. I was always on the committee for every events at junior high school, sports festivals, music festivals, culture festivals…. I was also a member of student council.  Imagine Caroline from the Vampire Diaries if you have ever watched it.


I got an recommendation for high school which I wanted to go and I went there.

At high school I was of course a member of student school. I crushed on a guy at the first day of the school. He was a member of baseball team, so I joined a cheering group. In my high school there is a two group for cheering group. One is a cheerleading stuff which is normally for girls and another is for normally boys. I chosen latter. 


I don’t know why but I always hate what women should do or women should look like. 


I didn't get the acceptance letter from the University which I wanted to go. I was really shocked, but I realized university is not all. I chosen English school for 2 years because I wanted to talk in English. I think this decision changed my life. I got many friends in this two years. They are really important for my life.


I went to England for about 3 months.


I met a guy there who became the one for me. I met many people who still have contact with and became really good friends.


After 2 years, I transfered to University to study Global Media. I was inspired a lot there. I got an idea that I want to do something with media.


I didn’t want to work in Japan, but I cannot say I hate it before I try, so I tried.  I had worked in the Japanese company in 2 and half years. I tried. Now I can say I HATE TO WORK IN JAPAN!


I came to Switzerland last July. I started to live in Germany since this month. Here I am.


I am going to write about life in Germany, why I am here, difference between Japan and Europe and and and, anything what I want to write.


I hope my English will improve and people will enjoy my blog.